Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a restoration method implemented on people who possess hair loss, thinning, whisker on the hair or observe bald places where there is no hair growth. In men, hair loss and baldness generally occur due to hereditary factors and hormone DHT. There is a difference in a male pattern for baldness than the females. The hairline recedes slowly, and the scalp becomes visible. When it comes to women, hair loss takes places due to serious hormonal irregularities and the hair starts to fall off from the entire head.


  • Aesthetic change: The most compelling benefit of hair transplant is the appreciative change. People look much young, and there is a rise in self-confidence.
  • Natural look: The objective of a hair transplant is rendering a natural look to the client. Our esteemed doctors are well-equipped with the knowledge of the right distribution of hair follicles. They can blend the transplant and make it look as real and subtle as it was.
  • No special treatment: After the transplant recovery time, there is any need to go for any specialized treatment for further maintenance. You can further use regular products like your oil, shampoo, and conditioner.
  • Simple procedure: The hair transplant treatment in completed under the influence of local anesthesia and stands to be highly affordable.


  • Surgical procedure: Person who is going for hair transplant remains scared and skeptic, make sure that you are comfortable.
  • Recovery time: Post-surgery follow-up and care is essential in hair transplant treatments. A person must pay heed to all the guidelines so that they do not succumb to any sort of infection, bleeding, etc.

Hair fall: After the proper treatment is complete, there is no rare chance of experiencing hair fall and at times might only cause unusual bumps on the scalp.

Tips to Care Thinning Hairs

Are you worried about thinning of your hairs? Well, it has become very common among people and they face a lot of trouble. There are numerous reasons due to which people face thinning of hairs which include illness and medication. Thinning of hairs is also possible due to hereditary reason and harsh chemical use. To get rid of such a problem, it is important to do proper care of the hairs and prevent further hair loss. Some of the best tips to prevent thinning of hairs are as follows: 

Try Coloring for Hair Loss

Coloring the hair is not the solution to prevent hair loss because if the problem is inherited tendency then hair loss is an obvious thing in your case. It is better to get your hairs permanent coloring or semi-permanent coloring as it is will help you to avoid applying chemicals again and again and simultaneously keep the hairs look good. Medications can also weaken the hair of the person, so it is advised to get the color which does not have ammonia or peroxide to give the volume to the hair. Colored hair can also cause damage, so make sure to eat healthy food that keeps your hair healthy and growing. 

Use Volumizing Products 

If you are using the volumizing products to enhance the look of your hair then make sure that your product does not contain paraffin, which is beeswax and it is not good for the health of hairs as it breaks the hairs. There are a number of volumizing products is being sold in the salon, so get the best one consulting the specialist present over there. They won’t weigh hair down or damage. For example, Mousse which can be applied at the root to support the hair and then blow dried the root area, once it is done then gently apply with a brush to build volume and use a finishing spray to hold it. 

Shampoo and Condition Your Hair When Dirty

People who are facing the problem of thinning hairs, they must shampoo the hair only when their hairs are dirty because frequent hair washes also make the hairs get thin and easily get breaks down. It is important to get the herbal shampoo with less chemical and suits to your hair type. Once you are done with hair shampooing, then apply the conditioner to get the appropriate volume. This will certainly help people. 

Find a Style That Suits Fine Hair

When you are already facing the problem of thinning hairs, then it is important to not to apply to blow drier because the heat directly onto the scalp and hair weakens the root and damage and breakage hair, so avoid it. Apart from the blow dryer, flat iron and curling rod also damage the hairs, so get a simple hairstyle instead of very stylish by using the equipment. 

Get a Permanent Look 

When the hairs are continuously getting weaker and thinner, then try to consult a hair specialist and get the permanent look to avoid the problem of hairstyle. One can easily resolve the problem without damaging the further or existing hairs.

It is common to have the thinning hairs in monsoon. Taking additional care will surely improve the hair conditions. To get the treatment of the thinning hairs permanently, better to consult the Hair Transplant Treatment Clinic in Gurgaon.