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Body hair transplant may include two opposite procedures: One is removing hair from your body and placing it into the scalp and other removing hair from the scalp to place it into the body. In the first situation, men who desire more coverage on the top of their head but no longer have transplantable scalp hairs may have hairs harvested and transplanted from the chest or beard into the head. In the second case, a man who needs to have more chest hair can use his scalp hair to be transplanted onto his chest to get that goal. To take beard and chest hair and placing it into the scalp needs performing the FUE practice of hair harvesting, i.e., removing individual hairs from the chest by a small punch device. After hair is transplanted onto the chest from the scalp, either FUE or FU-strip techniques may be used but the latter strip process is more frequently used.

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There are many conditions when body hair transplant is the only choice, like when scalp donor hair has been depleted, for correcting old plugs or to repair scars from the prior procedures while preserving scalp hair for potential hair transplants. If you are thinking of body hair transplant, it is very important to go to a qualified and experienced surgeon.

Who is eligible for body hair transplant?

People who:

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