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Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon

A process to get hair grown back on the bald areas is known as a hair transplant. In Gurgaon, we are one of the most prominent hair transplant clinics. All our professionals are well experienced in hair transplantation. Hair loss can be due to many reasons, including hereditary causes, medical conditions, or unwanted stress. Experts at our clinic perform the most refined hair transplant techniques. Also, we offer high-standard hair restoration treatments that meet the current methods and world-class facilities. Above all, we guarantee lifetime natural results.

Full-Fledged Successful Results with Maximum Density:

At AKS clinic, we can proudly claim that we have served many clients and have had a successful delivery. Each of our patients has appreciated our perfection and techniques.

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How is the process done?

Our hair transplant process is relatively safe, and it is also non-invasive, which is performed by experienced surgeons. The experts here have complete control over the depth, direction, angle, and hair placement, which assures 100% results from the process.

Hair Transplantation Gurgaon:

If lately you have been losing hair and you feel unaware of the reason, you must evaluate its causes. Hair loss could be due to various medical conditions, heredity, hormonal balances, stress, etc. Regardless of the reason, it is essential to get your hair problem checked, as it plays a massive role in the overall look.

AKS Clinic is a leading leader when it comes to providing hair loss treatments. Our professionals offer the best treatments to help the hair grow back naturally and that too healthy.

The process is all about:

  • Extraction-Under this, the hair is extracted from the scalp's back, and we ensure No Cuts/ No Scars, / No Stitches.
  • Implantation- The hair that is extracted is implanted in the area which has suffered hair loss. The implantation is mainly done using the latest techniques so you can be stress-free.

Hair transplant techniques used by us:

  • Follicular Unit Transplant is one of the most highly used invasive techniques under which a strip of skin is cut and eradicated from the back of your head. Then the scalp area is again stretched and stitched together. The hair is then harvested and implanted in the area which requires it. This technique tends to leave a permanent scar on the donor area and is also quite pain complete.
  • (Direct Hair Implantation- One of the latest and most advanced hair transplant techniques is DHI, and it ensures a significant reduction of trauma and pain to the patient and his donor area. Above all, you can surely expect a natural-looking result. It is all about single-step implantation using a DHI Implanter, as here only manual extraction is done using titanium-tip single-use instruments.
  • When it comes to storing grafts, strict guidelines are followed, and each follicle is implanted one by one with the ideal direction, depth, and angle as per the patient's condition. Above all, we promise natural results.

Tips for measuring the results-

You can indeed measure results after 8 to 12 months if the recipient area is at least 80% covered than the precondition area. There shouldn't be any empty spaces or columns in between, and hair density should be equal. When combed backward, the hairline should look equal. The hair transplant with us is permanent because we claim to offer the best and permanent treatment for regrowing your hair. Lastly, the hair which is transplanted during the process is said to tend to grow back. All you need to do is follow all the advice given by your doctor and also avoid smoking for at least ten days after the treatment is done.

What makes us the ideal hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon?

AKS Clinic is one of the growing hair transplant brands, as we follow some of the standard protocols, and due to providing high-quality services, AKS Clinic has reached the top. At the clinic, our professional tailor makes the solutions depending on the current situation of a patient.

  • We offer high-end and modern facilities to ensure the most natural results.
  • The success rate of our hair plant transplant is very high, almost 90%
  • Most experienced surgeons perform surgery at our clinic

Dr. Akdhilendra Singh - Hair Transplant in Gurgaon


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Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon
Hair Transplant in Gurgaon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

✅ Hair Transplant is one of the most common cosmetic procedures which is performed to treat the baldness or alopecia problems in Males. In this process, Hairs are transplanted from the Donor areas to receiver areas. Usually, the back scalp is used as the donor area. If insufficient hair follicles are there in high grade of baldness , then beard and chest areas can be used to remove the hair grafts.
✅ Any person suffering from Chronic Hair Loss and High-Grade baldness may avail the Hair Transplant. The doctor will also consider the healthy donor area before advising someone for a Hair Transplant.
✅ It is not necessary to prescribe Pre-transplant medicines. Although people suffering through some health issues such as diabetes, BP, Low heart rate, etc are advised to take medications until the health conditions become normal. In some cases, medications are also given to improve the hair follicles' quality of the Donor area for better results.
✅ Usually, 2 hair replacement or transplant techniques are popular- FUT & FUE. FUT is a strip technique which is painful and leaves a scar. Whereas FUE is taken as a scarless technique due to its fastest recovery of scabs.
✅ It is a minor surgical procedure for which no admission is required. In this process, Hair grafts are implanted from the donor area to the receiver (baldness) areas .
✅ Generally, 2 Hair Transplant techniques are used to treat the baldness - FUT & FUE. FUT is the older and less used Hair Transplant technique now a days. Under FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation Technique, a strip of the donor tissue is taken. Then follicles are separated through microscopic dissection of strip. The trichophytic closure method is used to stitch the donor area. Whereas in FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, Hair Follicles are directly extracted from the donor area through a highly specialized pen-like instrument . Donor area heals automatically after a few days and scars can not be seen through naked eyes.
✅ Before performing the hair transplant procedures, the Doctor will conduct the pre-health checkup. Lifestyles traits and regular habits will be asked. Diabetes, Blood Pressure, thyroid, weight, and other health-related examinations will be done. The donor and receiver areas will be analyzed. If all the prior investigations seem fine, only after that, Hair Transplant due will be given.
✅ Before starting the hair transplant procedure, the operating room is sterilized and cleaned properly. Its daycare and safe treatment, still all the emergency precautions are taken care of. Doctor will analyze the patient's health again and will prescribe the medications if required. Local Anaesthesia is administered through a tiny injection which will numb the scalp area within some time and the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort. Under Direct hair transplant procedure, Hair Grafts are directly implanted into the receiver area. Before that, the hairline is drawn so that implantation can be done effectively. You need to shorten the hairs before going through the hair transplant procedure. Male Pattern baldness is common nowadays which can be treated through Hair Transplant Services in Gurgaon. AKS Clinic is recognized as the best hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon due to its ultimate results and proven techniques.
✅ If your Baldness level crosses the grade 4, doctor may use the combination of scalp,beard and chest hair grafts for better coverage. One hair transplant session may not be enough to cover the complete baldness and 2nd session can be done after 6-8 months.
✅ In that case, alongwith scalp donor area, body Hair garfts can be utilised and hairs from other areas such as beard, chest, etc can be used . Your Hair expert will analyze each & everything and will explain to you the possibilities & Outcomes.
✅ Hair growth can be seen within 3-4 months and continue to grow 8-9 months, Although Growth factor therapies can be availed to have strong & healthy hairs. Oral minerals, Vitamins, and essential nutrients combined with min 3 sessions of Hair Growth Factor therapy will surely benefit the Hairs. To increase the hair density, one can go for another hair transplant session after 6-8 months, depending upon the scalp hair quality.
✅ It's a daycare surgery so no hospital stay is allowed. One can leave the hospital after half an hour of surgery and will be prescribed some medications to be taken at home. As far as the normal activities are concerned, one can resume to the office day after the procedure, although having a couple of days rest would be recommended for better health. Physical exercises can be performed after 2-3 weeks of the procedures only.
✅ Although it is recommended to visit the doctor, online consultation can be availed. At AKS clinic a lot of patients visit from USA, Europe, Australia and many other countries because of proven results and cost effectiveness . Obviosly they can’t visit for follow up and video consultation do the job . After 2-3 days of surgery If someone experience the swelling in the forehead , or significant pain then should consult the doctor immediately online or in person. Your Hair Transplant doctor will guide you on the maintenance of the Scalp after the procedure.
✅ In FUE Process, Hair Grafts are extracted and implanted directly on the scalp, the duration of the procedure will entirely depend on the number of hair follicles to be grafted. Although timely breaks are taken & 6-8 hours of the procedure can be expected.
✅ The success of Hair Transplant depends on several factors but majorly on the experience and techniques used by the doctor. In our clinic, it is almost 100% safe & successful to date. Even many celebrities have availed the Hair Transplant Services from Dr. Akhilendra Singh.
✅ Bio stimulated Direct Hair Transplant technique which is the latest version of FUE is considered to be the best technique. We Analyse the scalp and medical history of the patients and Provide the Hair Transplant Treatments in Gurgaon.
✅ A hair transplant consultation can be done online. Patients living in other cities & countries may send their scalp Images to us and can avail Online Consultation.
✅ Hair Loss problem is common among men and women. It is not an age matter, people having an age of 20 years can be seen as having hair problems. If we talk about the hair restoration methods, people first like to go for Ayurveda or herbal treatments, the result of which is slow & not guaranteed. Once all the , herbal and natural treatments are undertaken, then they opt for Hair Treatments such as PRP, Transplant & other restoration procedures. AKS Clinic is equipped with all the innovative procedures and experienced staff. Now a days everyone (male & female both) strive for a healthy lifestyle and a good personality . Out of Various hair Treatments such as Hair weaving, Hair extension, Hair patches, Hair Transplants & Other Hair Growth Factor therapies, People usually choose hair Transplant in Gurgaon due to its long-lasting results & natural growing hairs, as other procedures are time taking and temporary. AKS Clinic is specialized in Non-surgical, Surgical, Clinical & Cosmetic Procedures with 100% guaranteed results.
✅ Again the question reply on the type of hair loss only. The expert will analyze the Hair loss and baldness condition and accordingly, decide the perfect hair Transplant technique. AKS Clinic cosmetically & surgically refers to Bio-Stimulated Hair Transplant and Direct hair Transplant only as both are safe & result oriented. The cost of the hair transplant will be calculated based on the Number of hair grafts to be implanted. Book Your consultation First, Go Through the pre-procedure analysis & get the right Hair Treatment Option with the right cost.