Semi Permanent Make Up in Gurgaon

Semi Permanent Make Up in Gurgaon

Everything to Know About Semi-permanent make up

In current times, semi-permanent makeup is a very popular trend, and many individuals want to get their hands on it due to its growing demand. There are plenty of social media influencers, celebrities, and ordinary people who are lounging for permanent and semi-permanent makeup, which could include micro-pigmentation of eyebrows, permanent lip colour, etc.

People who have a strong desire to look good are now flocking towards the semi-permanent makeup trend. So, let us dig deep and understand everything about the trend. Also, if you are considering trying out semi-permanent makeup, then this guide is surely for you!

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Brief About Semi-Permanent Make up:

Multiple names are used to implement the pigment into the papillary layer of the dermis, which is known as micro-pigmentation, micro-blading, permanent makeup, permanent lip blush, cosmetic tattoo, eyebrow embroidery, etc.

Semi-permanent makeup includes have long-lasting lip color and perfect eyebrows. The process also includes shaping and countering the eyebrows to balance out the imperfections and add the desired lift or arch for a better appearance. Micropigmentation of the eyebrows is done using the very tiny particles of the micro-pigments placed underneath the skin. The pigments need to belong to a brand that is FDA approved. The needs also have to be sterilized by the gamma rays to avoid the slightest chances of allergic reactions once the needs are placed in the debris.

As the name Semi-permanent states, the pigmentation is there for a while, but it is not forever. Gradually with time, the pigmentation does break down. Also, the duration of the pigment does depend on age and skin type.

It is also essential to note that only trained and experienced semi-permanent makeup artists should perform the treatments of micro pigmentation of eyebrows, permanent lip color, etc., as these processes require specialized skills do it without any after-effects and loop holes.

The Semi-Permanent Make up Process:

Multiple procedures are used for semi-permanent makeups, such as micro-pigmentation eyebrows, permanent lip colour. There is one thing in common in all the processes: the use of microneedles to inject the pigments underneath the skin between the epidermis and dermis. There are different colours of pigments used for different skin areas, such as black for eyebrows and pink for the lips.

Semi Permanent Make Up in Gurgaon

Techniques for the Best Results:

The semi-make-up technique used for face and lips is known as pixelization, where a chain of the tiny dots of the pigments used in the creations of highlighting and illusions. For example, in eyebrow enhancement, individual strokes are drawn by dragging the microneedles through the skin. This is done to give the eyebrow a natural look.

The Longevity for the Semi-Permanent Make up:

The result and effects of the semi-permanent makeup do last for years. But the longevity depends on how the process was carried out. Micro-pigmentation lasts for about three years; lip blushing lasts for about 4-6 months; micro blending endures for about one year. As the pigments that get injected into the skin are iron oxides, the effect of the results fades away. Part of the pigmentation does break down mechanically, as our skin has a natural process of renewing itself. The old cells of the skin tend to die and shred; the new cells emerge, resulting in fading of the pigmentation.

Semi Permanent Make Up in Gurgaon

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