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Dr.Akhilendra Singh has done M.D. from Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, the most prestigious institute for Dermatology and Trichology training in India. Dr.Akhilendra Singh has been invited in many international and national hair transplant conferences as a speaker and faculty. Dr. Akhilendra Singh is a pioneer of HD FUE surgery in India. The removal of single live hair follicles to transplant is quite simple and painless with HD FUE extraction by Dr. Akhilendra and his team.

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that moves individual hair follicles from a part of the body called the โ€˜donor siteโ€™ to a bald or balding part of the body known as the โ€˜recipient siteโ€™.

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Dr. Akhilendra Singh is an extremely thorough and competent professional. He is best in this field. He explained everything he was doing in detail and he spends a lot of time in listening to and addressing concerns. I had my procedure done 3 days back and it was a really nice and professional experience. No pain during surgery and even after transplant there is ni pain.
Hoping for excellent results.

AKS Clinic

Aatresh Somayajula

Definitely one of the best doctors in Delhi NCR. Found out after a lot of research. The doctor listens to you and gives very practical solutions. I underwent hair transplant and it was absolutely pain free and done very professionally. Its been 4 months and I have already started seeing very good results. The entire support staff is also very cordial and helpful especially Harpreet M'am.

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Nakshatra Gupta

If you are looking for value for very penny spent on your transplant go for AKS without any doubt. What matters most is who carries out your transplant. And here Dr. Akhilendra Singh himself does it for you. Very professional, dedicated and drives it by passion. I am awaiting to see my results after 6 months from now but So far I am very satisfied with the procedure.
Happy hairs to you all :)

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Are you suffering from Extreme Hair Loss problems?

Direct Hair Transplant, original name- AKS clinic is the successful innovation of our Hair Specialist & celebrity Hair Transplant Expert- D. Akhilendra Singh. DHT stands for the unique technique which aims to transplant the hairs directly from the donor area to receiver area which reduces the idle time. The whole process is performed under the guidance of Hair Transplant surgeon only through Experienced technicians.

Are you suffering from Extreme Hair Loss problems?

Going through surgical procedures such as hair transplants, you should keep something in mind. That can let you hair transplant procedure smooth and risk-free. So if you have decided to get a hair transplant proceeded ahead, then you are suggested to know your surgeon well before the transplantation. Although you are going to the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, you are suggested to know your doctor well before the operation.

These people are the best surgeon, basically, known for hair transplantation. And if your appearance is getting reduced, just because of the baldness of a small portion, then you are suggested to have a visit here. Then you find the best treatment for that here and the best thing is that they are charging a fair amount for that.

Some indispensable points to be aware of

Some people have some doubts about the surgical procedure so it is so natural. But they also hesitate to ask the surgeon to clear their doubts. But here, you meet the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, and if you have any doubts about the hair transplant then you should feel free to ask. And you donโ€™t need to worry about anything because they donโ€™t charge for the consultation.

So you are suggested to ask anything regarding the surgery that you are going through. Basically, they are intended to improve your self-esteem before going through the procedure. So you donโ€™t need to worry about anything such as side-effects, and reactions, etc. because if you come here for the best hair treatment clinic in Delhi, then you should know you have got to right place.

Follow what you suggested by your surgeon

  • Any surgical procedure takes time, some time a quite long time. So if you have got your appointment to your surgeon about the hair transplant and your surgeon suggested some regimens and medicates to you, then you are strongly suggested to follow these regimens timely.
  • The reason is very genuine that is this could be a part of the surgical procedure that you are going through within some coming days. The top hair transplant clinic in Delhi makes you feel free and never emphasizes for the treatment.
  • So you can make the right decision, and then your surgeon goes ahead for that. And if you do not think that you have a great need for the hair transplant, and then feel free to let them know. They are known for the best hair transplant surgeon, so get ready to get your earlier look that you are depriving for so far.
  • So there are some indispensable points are given that a patient, who is about to go under the surgical procedure for the hair transplant, should know well. And you should know well about the surgeon as well. If your surgeon does not possess some experiences, then you are suggested to think twice.
  • Do not delay your hair problem, contact Hair Expert in Delhi today.

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Hair transplantation is a medical procedure that involves removing hair follicles from one portion of the body and transplanting them to a balding part or bald of the body (the recipient site). Male pattern baldness is the most common condition treated with this method.

It takes around six months to notice a substantial difference in hair growth. After a year, the full effects of the transplant will be apparent. Because healthy hair follicles are transplanted into thinning or bald areas, hair transplants usually last a lifetime.

Shedding hair grafts following a hair transplant can occur anywhere from one to five weeks following the procedure. Patients are frequently concerned about the continuous loss of hair, but they should rest assured that new hairs will eventually grow back a few months following the treatment.

Although most doctors think hair transplantation known as a safe surgery with few to no adverse effects, they recommend non-surgical approaches first, including medications, follicle stimulation, and a healthy diet plan. Hair takes nine months to regrow after a transplant procedure properly.

If you go to the appropriate surgeon, hair transplants can seem entirely natural. Candidates for hair transplants may be concerned about the visibility of their results, but this is not an issue with the help of a skilled and qualified surgeon. The best hair transplants are those that imitate nature.

Hair transplants are more effective than over-the-counter hair restoration solutions in most cases. However, a few things to think about: In three to four months, anywhere from 10% to 80% of the transplanted hair will fully grow back. Transplanted hair, like natural hair, will thin with time.

Yes, it is feasible for a patient who has undergone a hair transplant to grow their hair long enough to wear in a ponytail. The sole factor that controls how long hair grows following hair transplantation is how long the patient decides to wait before getting his or her hair cut.

As the numbing drug is applied, most patients experience only minor discomfort. You may suffer some soreness as your scalp recovers following the surgery, but most NeoGraft hair transplant patients have little to no pain during and after the treatment. Dr. Akhilendra Singh makes sure to use the proper methods to offer painless hair transplant treatments in Delhi.

Hair transplantation does not affect the brain. The depth of a piece of the scalp (upper skin layer), which also lengthens to the first two layers, is only covered by hair transplant treatments; thus, the doctor has no method of reaching the brain.

Follicular Unit Extraction is the current gold standard for hair transplants, according to AKS Clinic. โ€œFUE is a cutting-edge surgical hair restoration procedure. Traditional hair transplants are more intrusive. This surgical treatment does not leave a linear scar and does not require stitches.

When conducted by a trained, experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, hair transplant surgery is usually safe. Individuals' bodily reactions and healing skills vary widely; therefore, the outcome is never totally anticipated. Infection is a possibility with any surgical surgery.

Sleep in a comfortable position. Sleeping in an elevated position will help you heal faster by reducing the swelling in your scalp and forehead. If you're lying on your back, keep your head propped up on a soft pillow and prevent tossing and turning, which could cause your grafts to come loose.

Yes. Hair transplantation can be done. We can extract few scalp hair and perform body hair transplantation.

There is no specific time when hair transplantation is preferred. Winter is the ideal time to have a transplant discreetly and safely so that you can feel your most confident self by summer.

It takes three days for the scabs that occur naturally following a hair transplant to harden. It's recommended not to let anything near your head during this time. DO NOT: Allow your scalp to be exposed to direct sunlight for more than a few minutes during the first two weeks. Make sure you cover up with a hat after three days.

Once 14 days have gone since their hair transplant, most patients can exercise because the newly implanted grafts are generally secure. Because of this, we recommend that patients: Perform modest activity after seven days.

At this point, this is typical and expected. The actual hair shaft is liberated from the transplanted hairs during a transient "shock" period. The hair is now beginning to grow a new hair shaft, which we will witness in the coming months.

Shedding hair grafts following a hair transplant can occur anywhere from one to five weeks following the procedure. Patients are frequently concerned about the continuous loss of hair, but they should rest assured that new hairs will eventually grow back a few months following the treatment.

It's critical to talk to your doctor about any drugs, vitamins, or nutritional supplements you're taking, as one of them may need to be stopped for the length of the treatment. If you have a persistent ailment, you must inform the surgery center. Wash your hair the night before surgery.

Depending on the extent of hair loss, the treatment can be done in a few hours. If the hairless area is too large, the therapy may require multiple sessions. In most cases, AKS Clinic performs the procedure under sedation and local anesthesia.

Like all medical procedures, hair transplantation carries inherent hazards if it is not performed under ideal conditions. When an expert performs hair transplantation, problems are pretty rare.

Hair follicles must be vascularized quickly for hair transplantation to be successful, which means they must โ€œadhereโ€ to the area where the follicles are put. Hair transplantation has a very high success rate when performed correctly.

Hair transplantation, like any other medical operation, comes with its own set of dangers. Hair transplantation know as extensive surgery, and depending on the severity of the hair loss, numerous transplants may be required within 1-2 years. Infections and extensive scarring are possible complications, but they are pretty rare.

To make sure you don't have anemia or an infection, we'll run a hemogram to check the amount of white and red blood cells in your blood. At the same time, we'll test your blood for infections including HIV, Hepatitis B or C, Syphilis, and others.

After a hair transplant, a PH-neutral shampoo or a shampoo without chemicals should be used for six months. If you like, you can use organic shampoo. Some Hair Stimulating Shampoo is an excellent post-transplant shampoo. It promotes hair development by stimulating both existing and transplanted follicles. Dr. Akhilendra Singh will guide you on shampoo while looking at the quality of the scalp and hair follicles.

Gel, style spray, oils, hair care products, or any other chemical-containing items should be avoided six months after the operation. If you opt to use any of the above items in general, make sure to wash your hair before going to bed.

Because the hair is transferred from the roots of the grafts from the donor location onto your scalp, the hair transplant is permanent. There is no chance of rejection because the hair from the donor location is genetically identical to the rest of your hair.

Hair transplantation is only for adults, and it must be done at the right moment, taking into account the progression of baldness. Hair transplants can be performed on people aged twenty to eighty if they are healthy and don't have any past medical disorders or difficulties that can impede or hinder hair growth.

Hair transplants are not dangerous. The majority of the time, people have no or minor side effects. Redness, itching, dryness, and dry skin are all possible symptoms. However, none of the previous adverse effects may occur if the scalp is cleaned or washed regularly.

Yes, a hair transplant is backed by a guarantee. After the surgery and before you leave the clinic, a certificate stating the number of grafts will be supplied or handed to you. Furthermore, we promise that the hair transplant will not fall out.