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Dr.Akhilendra Singh has done M.D. from Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, the most prestigious institute for Dermatology and Trichology training in India. Dr.Akhilendra Singh has been invited in many international and national hair transplant conferences as a speaker and faculty .Dr. Akhilendra Singh is a pioneer of HD FUE surgery in India. The removal of single live hair follicles to transplant is quite simple and painless with HD FUE extraction by Dr. Akhilendra and his team.
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Celebrity Hair Transplant Experts in Delhi

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best hair transplant clinic in delhi

Top Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

Are you suffering from Extreme Hair Loss problems?

Direct Hair Transplant, original name- AKS clinic is the successful innovation of our Hair Specialist & celebrity Hair Transplant Expert- D. Akhilendra Singh. DHT stands for the unique technique which aims to transplant the hairs directly from the donor area to receiver area which reduces the idle time. The whole process is performed under the guidance of Hair Transplant surgeon only through Experienced technicians.

Are you suffering from Extreme Hair Loss problems?

Going through surgical procedures such as hair transplants, you should keep something in mind. That can let you hair transplant procedure smooth and risk-free. So if you have decided to get a hair transplant proceeded ahead, then you are suggested to know your surgeon well before the transplantation. Although you are going to the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, you are suggested to know your doctor well before the operation.

These people are the best surgeon, basically, known for hair transplantation. And if your appearance is getting reduced, just because of the baldness of a small portion, then you are suggested to have a visit here. Then you find the best treatment for that here and the best thing is that they are charging a fair amount for that.

Some indispensable points to be aware of

Some people have some doubts about the surgical procedure so it is so natural. But they also hesitate to ask the surgeon to clear their doubts. But here, you meet the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, and if you have any doubts about the hair transplant then you should feel free to ask. And you don’t need to worry about anything because they don’t charge for the consultation.

So you are suggested to ask anything regarding the surgery that you are going through. Basically, they are intended to improve your self-esteem before going through the procedure. So you don’t need to worry about anything such as side-effects, and reactions, etc. because if you come here for the best hair treatment clinic in Delhi, then you should know you have got to right place.

Follow what you suggested by your surgeon

  • Any surgical procedure takes time, some time a quite long time. So if you have got your appointment to your surgeon about the hair transplant and your surgeon suggested some regimens and medicates to you, then you are strongly suggested to follow these regimens timely.
  • The reason is very genuine that is this could be a part of the surgical procedure that you are going through within some coming days. The top hair transplant clinic in Delhi makes you feel free and never emphasizes for the treatment.
  • So you can make the right decision, and then your surgeon goes ahead for that. And if you do not think that you have a great need for the hair transplant, and then feel free to let them know. They are known for the best hair transplant surgeon, so get ready to get your earlier look that you are depriving for so far.

So there are some indispensable points are given that a patient, who is about to go under the surgical procedure for the hair transplant, should know well. And you should know well about the surgeon as well. If your surgeon does not possess some experiences, then you are suggested to think twice.

Do not delay your hair problem, contact Hair Expert in Delhi today.

What We Do?
hair treatment specialist clinic in delhi
Biostimulated Fue

Biostimulated FUE is one of the world best techniques in hair transplantation.

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hair treatment clinic in delhi
Direct Hair Transplant

It is the most latest advanced and improvised version of FUE technique.

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beard transplant clinic in delhi
Body Hair Transplant

Often in some patient hairs from head is not sufficient for hair transplantation.

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best hair transplant surgeon in delhi
Eyebrow Transplant

Eye brows are one of the most important parts of the face and contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the face.

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fue hair transplant in delhi
Facial Hair Transplant

It is the surgical technique that carried out with the individual hair follicles.

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best hair transplant clinic in delhi
After Hair Transplant Care

Post operative care is very important for any transplantation to be successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant and Its Procedure

Question: What is the success rate of Hair Transplant in Your Clinic in Delhi?

Answer: The success of Hair Transplant depends on a number of factors but majorly on the experience and techniques used by the doctor. In our clinic, it is almost 100& safe & successful to date. Even many celebrities have availed the Hair Transplant Services from Dr. Akhilndra Singh.

Question: Which Hair Transplant technique is best for Hair Restorations in Delhi?

Answer: Bio stimulated Direct Hair Transplant technique which is the latest version of FUE is considered to be the best technique. We Analyse the scalp and medical history of the patients and Provide the Hair Transplant Treatments in Delhi.

Question: How many visits are required after Hair Transplant in Delhi?

Answer: Practically one visit after transplant is needed after that follow-ups can be done online.

Question: Can we get the Online Consultation for Hair Treatments in Delhi?

Answer: Absolutely Hair transplant consultation can be done online. Patients living in other cities & states may send their Hair Images to us and can avail Online Consultation.

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