Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon:

26 November, 2020

Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Firstly looking for a hair transplantation doctor is one of the most critical decisions we make in our life. Looking for the right hair transplant surgeon can indeed become challenging. There are various clinics, but many of them lack to conduct hair transplantation effectively.

Hence, there should be some factors that should be kept into consideration while choosing your hair transplant doctor:

Hair Transplant Doctor Criteria:

  • Qualified Specialist: As well as results, the skill, capacity, ability, and experience of a doctor in hair recovery differ widely. The first question is, what is the doctor's qualification? Hair Transplant is a form of cosmetic surgery, and thus this operation is allowed only by plastic and cosmetic surgeons. In this regard, it should be permitted to conduct the procedure only by a cosmetic surgeon with an MC degree in plastic operation. Doctors without a particular qualification or training are prohibited from operating a hair restoration procedure.
  • Experience: The second main factor is to judge doctors who have relevant experience performing hair transplant surgery. So, the answer to this question must be authentic: 'what are the years of hair transplantation devoted exclusively by the surgeon?" You must check the experience of the doctor before actually boiling down to that Surgeon. When it comes to hair transplant surgery, the background plays a huge role, and excellence of the work once comes if the doctor has the right experience. 
  • Mega/Giga efficiency experience: Ideally, a doctor would operate on a procedure during the day for a Super- or Giga-session, however often horrific tales of the Surgeon come across, which lead to completing the whole process in a short time or even leaving it in the hands of unskilled clinicians. Therefore, it is essential to address the third question of How many hair transplant procedures the Surgeon conducts in one day? "The specialist and best hair transplant operator perform only one operation in one day to provide the most excellent attention and attention to both the procedure and the patient.
  • Surgeons with artistic and aesthetic skills: For the graft to place according to the patient's facial profile, age & sex, the Surgeon must possess aesthetic skills. As both, the process of designing the hairline and implanting the grafts in the cane involves an intense sense of the creative abilities that only an expert hair transplant surgeon can do to achieve the best aesthetic outcome in the process.

    For the implant, follicular units/grafts are the Surgeon's primary duty to give the patient the best natural appearance. The hairline's design says it is the best hair transplant procedure with the right angle and direction. The grease must be dodged to make the regeneration of hair on the bullshit look like natural growth. The most aesthetic sense is needed from the Surgeon's side to achieve the best hair transplant procedure's objective by deciding the specific path according to the patient's facial profile.
  • Previous Experience: Doctors' credibility may expose his past works to his past patients. If video documentation is not accessible on social websites, then it may be demanded. Make sure to dig into the doctor's clientele portfolio.
  • Ph.D. participation in scientific conferences: Peer certification plays a vital role in assessing a doctor's experience and competence. Hair restoration operations need distinct expertise and skills, and hence the need for a certifying organization and a certification process has become increasingly evident


Asking people in the vicinity is not only one thing; instead, self-analysis plays an important role. This is the only way to access accurate health details and treatment choices. You can also verify that the clinic provides an exam or not, whether you do not try to find another, so you are not treated without careful examination and proper procedures.

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