After Hair Transplant Care in Gurgaon

After the procedure, the patient should rest and minimize his activities as much as possible until the next day.

  • To prevent swelling, the patient is required to sleep with his head elevated in 45 degrees for at least three nights after the hair transplant is done.
  • Avoid aspirin and alcoholic drinks for at least 3 to 5 days after the procedure.
  • Apply snow to your forehead frequently to avoid swelling.
Hair Transplant Care in Gurgaon
best Hair Transplant Care in Gurgaon

For Pain

You may take prescribed pain killers after the procedure for two days. These medicines soothe and control your pain.

For Bloating or Swelling

Swelling or bloating may occur after the hair transplant session on your forehead. It can be avoided by sleeping with elevating your head on 45 degrees with the use of a pillow while sleeping

Infections after Hair Transplant Procedures

Infections are very rare. Avoid any kind of dirt and bacteria in work or daily tasks for 15 days after the hair transplant procedure. Do not touch the donor region or the planted follicles, if it is required to touch, your hands must be sterilized to avoid infection. You should report any pain, redness, swelling in the area of the procedure to your doctor immediately.

The First Hair Wash after the Procedure

After the third day of the process, you have to wash your hair gently, try not to pour water or add pressure to the implant area. In the third to the fifth day after the process, you can use a glass or a small jar to wash the place of the transplanted roots. While combing your hair you have to be careful to avoid moving the planted roots. You may dye your hair, cut it or curl it when the flakes around the planted roots have fallen off.


Flakes generally start falling off in 7 to 10 days after the process.

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