Generally, hair is a sign of masculinity for the majority of men. Therefore for most of them, losing hair is like losing their manhood. Every man enjoys when the hair does start sprouting during his teenage years but it is not the same in case of all men. There are some who don’t get a beard or mustache even after reaching teenage. So, for such teenagers or men, facial hair transplant is a great choice.

People who opt for facial hair transplant may include:

The Anatomy of the Beard Transplant

You should know the anatomy of beard transplant before you choose to undergo it. The beard formation starts during the puberty and it again continues to grow till your mid-thirties. In the beard transplant, the face is divided into two parts, the frontal and lateral. The lateral part will engage the sideburns, the jawline, and the cheeks. In the frontal section, it involves the goatee and moustache including the chin and lower part of the jawline. The hair density in the moustache and beard is generally different. The number of grafts required varies from person to person. Though, typically 2000 to 2500 grafts are required.

Ideal Candidates for Beard Transplant

Many people desire to undergo beard transplant but, only some of them are proved to be good candidates for it. Now, what are the criteria for selecting an ideal person for the procedure? The person must be in good mental and medical health. The choice for undergoing a beard transplant must be genuine and not be because of any pressures. There should be an above average donor region which includes the side and the back of the head. A total physical examination is needed by an experienced doctor to assess whether a person is an ideal candidate for surgical practice or not.

The Procedure

First, your donor region of head and face will be examined. After that, the design of the beard will be decided. Your surgeon will talk about the design and the density of beard you are looking for and the final plan will be prepared according to your acceptance. You will be told to undergo some blood tests and physical exams to ensure that your health is in good condition.

There are two techniques which can be used for the

In Follicular Unit Extraction Method

The area where the beard has to be grown is segregated first. Then, the hair grafts are taken from the back or side of the head and transplanted into chin and cheeks. Generally, facial hair transplant practice is done using follicular unit extraction methods. As a result, there is no scars, no bleeding, and very fast recovery.

Direct Hair Transplant

In Direct hair transplantation, the follicular unit grafts are transplanted immediately after they are harvested. It is the most advanced technique done for hair transplant. It has a number of benefits as it is scarless, painless and offers 100% results when done by an experienced surgeon.

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