Dandruff And Its Causes

April 23, 2019

Dandruff is a very common chronic scalp problem marked by flaking of the skin on your scalp. Dandruff isn’t infectious or severe; however, it can be embarrassing and sometimes not easy to treat. Normally, ... read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

April 1, 2019

Hair transplantation is a restoration method implemented on people who possess hair loss, thinning, whisker on the hair or observe bald places where there is no hair growth. In men, hair loss and baldness generally... read more

Hair Transplant Surgery

November 28, 2018

The procedure of hair transplant begins with local anesthesia and sedation. There are two methods of transplant... read more

Tips to Care Thinning Hairs

July 6, 2018

Are you worried about thinning of your hairs? Well, it has become very common among people and they face a lot of trouble. There are numerous reasons due to which people face thinning of hairs which include illness and medication.... read more

Qualities of Good Dermatologist

May 11, 2018

Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with the cases of skin, nails, hair and its diseases. The doctors of this brand are specialized in handling the case with both medical and surgical aspects. The professional... read more

How Alopecia Areata Can Be Treated

May 4, 2018

Alopecia Areata is known as spot baldness and it is a condition where the immune system of a person mistakenly attacks hair follicles and this leads to a form this type of hair loss. The damage of follicle is not permanent... read more

What is Hair Loss?

May 4, 2018

Everyone knows the fact that hair grows everywhere in the human body except the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet. But, there is no wonder that there are some hairs are so fine that they are invisible. Hair is made up... read more

Know More About Pattern Hair Loss In Men

May 4, 2018

Androgenetic Alopecia is widely known as pattern hair loss. It is a hereditary hair loss condition, which is the most common disease which affects both men and women. This condition is characterized by the slow change of terminal hairs into undetermined,... read more

Healthy Supplements for Healthy Hairs!!

May 10, 2016

Having long and healthy hairs is a dream for everyone, be a girl or boy!! We can see boys and girls searching for different ways of long hairs on Google, they implement the same and still not able to get desired results... read more

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