Learn More About Different Treatments Available For Hair Loss Problems

4 May, 2020

Learn More About Different Treatments Available For Hair Loss Problems

Premature hair loss is a very big problem these days, although most people face hair loss after a certain age this is also occurring now to the people of younger ages. Premature baldness is a problem that is occurring in people starting from the ages or early ’20s. This occurs due to a variety of different reasons some of which are the deteriorating quality of air and the increasing rate in pollution which is the root cause ofanother number of health problems, improper diet, some bodily disorder, or genetics. People who face such problems of hair loss and baldness can consult fue hair transplant in delhi.

Hair Structure

The hair follicles are anchored into the scalp by the help of the papilla and the bulb which is situated below the hair scalp, there is a hair bulb below each and every hair follicle which is situated below the scalp which contains the active cells which are responsible for holding the hair follicle around the papilla. The papilla is responsible to provide blood supply to the hair follicle for stimulating the healthy growth of the hair. The hair shaft is the part of the hair that is visible outside the scalp and it is made of a protein called keratin which is considered harder than copper.

Hair Loss Treatment

Although there are countless ways which can lead to hair growth, not all of them are true and effective, some of them are merely myths that are about hair growth. Before considering any of the methods for hair growth you must have proper knowledge about how the hair grows and what is the hair growth cyclein order to achieve healthy and natural hair.

There are various solutions to hair loss and premature baldness, various medicines are available in the market which stops hair fall and regrow new hair, also there are various hair treatments which are available in best hair transplant clinic in delhi.

Points To Consider Before Consulting A Hair Surgeon For Treatment

There are different hair growth procedures such as hair transplant which involves the grafting of hair follicles, there are different surgeons available in every city which can offer such treatments but there are a few important things which you need to consider before opting a surgeon for your hair loss treatment.

  • The extent or the scale of hair loss that you are facing: before considering a hair surgeon you need to know more about the extent of hair loss you are facing. There are stages of hair loss ranging from mild to severe. If you have mild or moderate hair loss you might be able to regain your hair with proper diet, certain medication, taking proper care of your hair, and practicing home remedies.
  • Reason For Your Hair Loss: Before you consider consulting a surgeon you might need to rectify the real reason behind your hair loss. There might be any other disorder that might be causing the loss of your hair and identifying it and curing it might also cure the hair loss and the hair might re-grow after that.

One consults many surgeons and different websites will help you find the best hair transplant surgeon in delhi.

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