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Hair Transplant Doctor Near Me


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Hair Transplant Doctor Near Me



AKS clinic gurugram

Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Gurgaon with Premium Clinic at an Affordable Cost

AKS clinic is one of the renowned hair, skin, and dental clinics, led by Dr. Akhilendra Singh & Dr. Khusboo Singh. AKS clinic has gained immense success, by delivering safe and results-oriented hair loss treatments.

The AKS clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art medical techniques, tools, machinery, and techniques. Dr. Akhilendra Singh and Dr. Khusboo Singh, along with their team, have an exceptional record of doing the most hair regeneration treatments on patients from India and abroad. AKS clinic offers hair, skin, and dental treatments to help you get your hair back on your head.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon:

The AKS clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics as it provides services with the most experienced surgeons in Gurgaon. The clinic offers excellent results where you don't even need to go through any pain, which will be an advancement. It is only possible because Dr. Akhilendra Singh uses the latest equipment. As per our success rate, the treatments are result-oriented and 100% safe for all age groups.

Hair Transplant Cost in Gurgaon

The hair transplant cost relies on the baldness condition and geographic location. The procedure is normally performed inside the clinic to avoid any complexity. The surgeon begins by cleaning your scalp and injecting a numbing agent into the back of your head. Your doctor will perform the transplant using one of two methods: follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).

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What is FUE & FUSS?

The transplantation mainly involves harvesting permanent hair-breaking skin from the back or the side of your scalp by cutting a strip or directly removing the follicular unit using a particular method. The method is all about obtaining your follicular units from the donor harvesting site, and we use one graft at a time.

It's a sort of surgery in which existing hair is moved to fill in areas where there is thin or no hair. These renowned hair transplant procedures have evolved significantly in recent years. In which, a 6- to 10-inch piece of skin from the back of your skull is removed with FUSS. They put it on the shelf and sewed the scalp shut. The hair around it immediately hides this spot.

The surgeon's team then splits the severed scalp strip into 500 to 2,000 microscopic grafts, each containing one or a few hairs. The number and type of grafts you receive are determined by your hair type, quality, color, and the size of the area where the hair transplant is being performed.

The surgeon's team will shave the back of your scalp if you're receiving the FUE operation. The clinician will next remove the hair follicles one by one. The region heals with little dots so that your body can see where new hair is being covered.

How Does a Hair Transplant Work?

After cleaning and numbing the area where the hair will go, the surgeon cuts holes or slits with a scalpel or needle, and carefully places each graft in one of the holes. Other team members will most likely assist them in planting the grafts.

The procedure will take between 4 and 8 hours, depending on the amount of the transplant. If you continue to lose hair or decide you desire thicker hair, you may require another operation.

Discuss your problem with the best hair transplant surgeons at AKS clinic, who try hard to provide excellent services at a low-cost. Therefore, choose us to get the best-guaranteed hair transplant clinic in Delhi-NCR. There is some factor that comes into play, when calculating how much hair transplant cost and the status of the hair fall.

FUE Hair Transplant

What are the Perks of the FUE Transplant Method at AKS clinic?

  • Choose AKS clinic because of the precise instrument procedures to ensure that there are minimum failures; and there is no graft wastage.
  • Our experts use trial and tested surgical techniques that include direct implantation of the grafts extracted. The survival of the graft is 100%.
  • We use the best possible magnification system to graft every single hair carefully.
  • The highly experienced surgeon extracts the graft, ensuring a negligible failure rate.
  • In the same setting, we can harvest the body and beard area if your donor area of the scalp is smaller.
  • We ensure that the recipient area picks up a great density.

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Who is the Correct Candidate for Hair Restoration Surgery?

A perfect candidate for hair restoration surgery is anyone who experiences male or female pattern baldness. In addition, men or women who wish to restore the shape of their hairline can go through the hair transplantation process. Even people with areas of scarring from injuries or skin ailments who are also experiencing some hair loss after surgery, including facelift procedures, can go through the process. Lastly, people who wish to thicken or restore their eyebrows, beards, eyelashes, and pubic hair can undergo hair restoration surgery at AKS clinic.

What Happens During the Hair Transplant Process at AKS clinic?

  • The hair transplant process is a minor outpatient surgery that takes only four to 12 hours. The process is usually performed under local anesthesia, and there are no diet restrictions.
  • At India's best hair transplant clinic, perform hair replacement by a powered follicular unit extraction technique that includes direct removal of your follicular units containing one to four hairs.
  • The hair is removed with the help of a specialized tool. There will be no visible scarring in the donor area, and the cosmetic results are nothing but the best.
  • The minimum grafts are planted meticulously in the bald or thinning area of the scalp, and we ensure that we maintain the same angle as other hair.
Hair Transplant Doctor

Hair Transplant Surgeon

What Happens After the Hair Transplant Process at AKS clinic?

  • Trim crusts will form on each craft after 24 hours of the surgery, and then they will be shed, usually in two to three weeks. The grafted hair can start growing in at least two to four months, and the total result will be achieved after one year of your surgery.
  • Some patients can also experience mild swelling in the forehead for some days after the surgery, but the inflammation will settle in three to four days.
  • We often ask patients to use moist sprays or compressors to sleep in semi-upright positions for two to three days after surgery to minimize swelling.

Our Procedures

Hair Treatments

PRP Hair Transplant
PRP Treatments

PRP is also known as 'Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy,' and it is a pretty efficient hair treatment.

Biostimulated FUE
Biostimulated FUE

Bio-stimulated FUE is one of the best techniques used for hair transplantation.

best dermatologist for hair loss in Gurgaon
Direct Hair Transplant

Direct Hair transplant is the most advanced hair transplant technique.


Cosmetic Procedures

best hair transplant clinic in india
Eye Lash Lift & Tint

Eyebrow lamination is a technique to give a proper shape, size and structure to your eyebrows and fix seal their shape

best hair transplant surgeon in india
Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Scalp micro pigmentation is an advanced technique of cosmetic pigmentation.

fue hair transplant in india
Semi-Permanent Makeup

In current times, semi-permanent makeup is a very popular trend, and many individuals.


When Can You Start the Treatment?

At AKS clinic, expert clinicians recommend you start the treatment for hair loss as soon as possible or once the problem has been identified—hair transplant earlier to fill your front hairline and think in the front half of your skull. Our experts use treatment as per your situation to align with the hair behind the transplant.

Principle of Hair Transplantation

Generally, hair transplantation is based on donor dominance. It means the hair at the back on the side of your scalp is likely to grow throughout your life, even when you have severe hair loss. These are resistant to hormonal influence. But when we do hair transplantation to the bald area, it can grow naturally and be washed and trimmed in any style you want. You will need future hair transplant sessions as you grow and age or the balding progress. Though the ideal pattern of hair loss is challenging to predict, it is essential to know that hair loss is likely to happen. We can help you treat hair fall by using different medical therapies, including laser hair stimulation. Our medical treatment can help you reduce hair fall and overcome baldness.

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Why Should You Choose Dr Akhilendra Singh for Hair Transplant?

Dr. Akhilendra Singh is one of the best surgeon for hair transplant Gurgaon with proven experience. He has performed several hair transplants and has a crown to deliver the most successful cases. He mainly focuses on patient safety and personalized care. The surgeon ensures that the suitable hair transplant surgery is as per the requirements and budget of the patients.

We offer multiple hair transplant options and offer the best hair transplant processes. This allows the patient to make better decisions and have practical expectations for their head transplant surgery. As a result, people are considering Dr. Akhilendra Singh over other hair specialist doctors near me.

Why Should You Choose AKS clinic for Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you are experiencing baldness and are looking for the best hair transplant in Gurgaon, AKS clinic is your go-to option. Our team of hair transplant surgeons in Gurgaon is well experienced and can offer specialized services at your convenience. The hair transplant cost depends on the experience of the doctor and the baldness condition. Always remember that quality matters more than the cost of the procedure.

Celebrity Hair TREATMENT
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Celebrity Hair Treatment
Celebrity Hair Treatment

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Client’s Testimonials
hair transplant testimonial
Harsh Banger

I have got my hair transplant done at Aks Clinic and from the starting point (consulting) everyone has been cooperative, they listen, understand and then suggest what's best for you. I got my appointment booked over the weekend and the entire process was really smooth. I have got my transplant successfully done and already seeing the results within 2 weeks. Will definitely recommend Dr. Akhilendra Singh for hair transplant.

Ankur Hair Transplant Review
Ankur Yadav

I started the scheduling process for my hair transplant while I was in US and the staff was super helpful to get me all the proper and required details. I also got an initial consultation with the doctor, who explained me the proper procedure and helped me make up my mind to undergo the procedure. The transplant surgery was a day long process where I was treated very nicely. This place is highly recommended.

Hair Transplant Review
Ayush Saxena

I had a great experience for HT treatment with AKS clinic. Dr. Akhilendra is very polite and solve every small doubt related to HT. His process of surgery is very calm and comfortable. Staff is very humble, experienced and friendly. They guide at each stage of process and help along the journey of hair growth. Hope to have good results.


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