Hair Transplant Clinic for Women

Nov, 2019

Hair Transplant

The trauma of baldness and hair thinning in females is quite tacit as it is linked with their appearance and look in social gatherings. It is common in females and there are many genetic factors associated with baldness in women. Female pattern baldness is not common in females, but such complications can have a larger psychological impact on the life of a female.

What Are the Causes of Pattern Baldness in Females?

Women usually take more care of their locks as compared to women and despite their efforts, they suffer from hair loss or pattern baldness. It is still not clear why pattern baldness in women is caused and why they experience hair damaging, thinning and hair loss. But it is expected that stress, aging, menopause, genetics are some of the factors causing hair loss in females. Regular shampooing, dying and using a hairdryer, straightness and hair extensions can also cause hair damages or hair loss in females.

Hair Transplant Treatment for Females

The procedure of hair transplant is all similar both in the case of males and females, but the outcome of the procedure is not the same for men and women. Over 90% of males usually experience optimal results after hair transplant surgery, but the same is not true when female candidates are involved. The reason behind such discrepancy in outcome is the natures of female pattern baldness which usually not cause complete bald patches in females like males and they somewhat have to thin of hair across the scalp.

Hair transplant in man usually involves the removal of hair from the dense area and relocating it to bald patches. But in the case of women, it is the volume loss of hair that needs restoration and hence hair transplant is not a viable option when women candidates are involved as they have thick areas of hair at back and on sides which is not good for donation for hair transplant surgery.