Worried About Hair Loss, Get A Hair Transplant In Delhi

27 June, 2020

Worried About Hair Loss, Get A Hair Transplant In Delhi

If you are facing hair loss problems at a very alarming rate, you might be facing the risk of baldness soon, and you might want to consider a full-on hair transplant or a scalp treatment as soon as possible. And for the best hair transplant solutions, there are some of the best hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon that will help you to get your natural looking hairline back.

How would you know if you might qualify for a hair transplant?

The first step is visiting a good dermatologist. A dermatologist specializes in skin therapy and can determine whether your scalp is healthy or not. Based on the study of the scalp, the dermatologist can refer to a hair transplant according to the area of the scalp that needs a hair transplant. The study involves mostly two types of studies, one, whether the person has enough healthy hair on the scalp for a transplant to take place, and the next is the ability of the person to grow hair on the scalp’s thinning area.

There are few sets of tests and examinations to verify whether you are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant or not. Men and women both have to go through the same sets of tests to determine the right result. Some of the best hair transplant clinic in delhi provide a full-fledged test about the scalp before going for the actual surgery.

How is a hair transplant done?

The duration of a hair plant surgery might take place between 4 to 8 hours straight. This mostly depends on the number of hairs to be transplanted, the more the number of hairs, the more time the surgery requires. And when you are visiting some of the best hair transplant clinic in delhi, you can expect the procedure to take even less time than the others, doesn’t matter the number of hairs to transplant.

The surgery usually begins with the dermatologist carefully removing the healthy hairs from the scalp. This process is done by either removing individual hairs one by one or removing the healthy hairs by cutting a small strip of the skin from the scalp.

The next step is the preparation of the scalp of the transplant to begin. For this, the required technicians carefully prep the healthy hairs that were plucked out and then places them over the scalp carefully. To keep the hair intact, the head is bandaged properly.

How long does it take for the results to appear?

The effectiveness of the surgery depends on person to person and also the type of hair transplant one had undergone. According to some of the best hair transplant clinic in delhi, mild hair transplant results would take around three to six months, and for an intensive hair transplant, the result can take upto nine to 12 months, or sometimes even more.

The results can be affected by several factors. The way you manage your head after the surgery, proper medication, and many other factors decide how soon the new hairs start to grow back.