What are the Procedure and Time Needed After Hair Transplant Surgery:

21 December, 2020

What are the Procedure and Time Needed After Hair Transplant Surgery

The most successful way to fix the hair loss problem is by hair transplantation and surely the world knows about it. Over the years, hair transplant surgery has become popular and in the medical sciences, there have been commendable advancements to carry out this surgery in a successful manner.

The hair transplant has proven to be very successful in addressing the hair loss problem with technological development. That's right; the hairline is restored with this option. The most common questions several people usually ask is how long they need to take off to recover properly and what is the procedure of taking care of after hair transplant surgery.

Hence, here is a guide to all your questions:

  • Hair Wash: Hair washing is one of the most important things, and so every patient is taught how to wash hair properly. The final results of the hair transplant can be affected if not done properly.
  • Pain After Hair Transplant: A few days after the hair transplantation operation, mild pain may be present. More pain is expected in the donor area after the procedure than in the recipient area. Counter-painters can alleviate the After-op hair transplantation scheme. At the pharmacy, you are having a pack of them.
  • Swelling: Swelling is very uncommon when it is a matter of hair transplantation using Choi Implant Ink. It happens most frequently in larger hair transplants and transplant operations where a lot of hairline work has been performed. Swelling may affect the front and surface around the eyes and may last for two to five days on the fourth day
  • Itching Following Hair Restoration: Itching is a very normal hair transplantation sensation. It can happen 7-14 days after the operation on the scalp. The itchiness shows that the tissue recovers in most cases. Antihistamine pill can be used in cases when it gets cumbersome.
  • The Right Sleeping Position: The first week after the procedure, the recipient areas must be affected as least as possible. We ask patients, with their heads raised on multiple pillows, to sleep on their back. The pillows minimize any swelling that can happen after the hair transplant by lifting the head in the night. The particular pillows that they get at the clinic for the first 7-10 days are also recommended for patients.
  • Healing & Recovery time: Most patients felt well within a day or two after an operation, although some addictive emotions and slight scalp soreness may be expected for several days after an operation. The recipient sites and donor sites are coated with red dots visible for about 7 - 10 days at the bottom of the transplanted hair shaft. Usually, within 10 to 15 days of operation, the patient gets his usual look. After this time, only a small redness could be visible. Patients with very light colors, who have darker hair and skin, can experience redness for longer times after therapy but appear to recover faster.
  • Wearing a Hat After a Hair Transplant: You will have a Panama hat at the hospital that you must wear any time you go out or when traveling home. The hat protects your scalp from dust, sun, and other environmental effects. Please wear this hat for five days after the surgery, and afterward, you will be able to wear any other hat. It is necessary to select a hat that does not sit too tightly on the recipient areas or pull the freshly transplanted graft when selecting a headwear for the postoperative time.
  • Physical Activity: It would help if you started to take a short walk or do physical exercises right after your hair transplantation, making you sweat too much. Ten days after the service, you will start to practice actively. Shortly after exercises to minimize the risk of infection, a shower is recommended.

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