Why My Hair Roots are so Weak ?

March 17, 2021

Why My Hair Roots are so Weak

Weak hair comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it is often visible to others. Weak hair, on the other hand, may be detrimental to our sense of style and self-esteem. It may also be a sign of a medical problem in some situations. We all look forward to having strong hair, and weaker roots do make us feel uncomfortable.

Poor hair roots can lead to easy breakage, hair fall, and several other hair issues. Identifying thinning hair symptoms and the root cause will help you prevent hair problems before they become severe.

Poor Hair Roots: What Causes Them?

The following are some of the factors that contribute to hair root thinning:

  1. Hormonal Discrepancy – Our hormonal levels have a direct effect on our hair's growth cycle. Hair thinning and a hormonal imbalance may cause a lack of fitness and length. Hormonal fluctuations caused by menopause, thyroid problems, and post-partum changes can weaken hair roots and interrupt the normal hair growth cycle.
  2. Genetics – Certain individuals are predisposed to particular hair disorders, such as patterned hair loss, due to a genetic predisposition. The most common form of hereditary hair loss in men and women is androgenetic alopecia, caused by the progressive shrinkage of hair follicles.
  3. Stress – Mental stress can disrupt the hair growth cycle and result in hair loss. Physical tension from tight hairstyles or overuse of hair styling equipment may also cause tractional forces on the hair strands and roots. Extreme hair treatments, such as permanent straightening or perming, and constant use of hair curlers, hot irons, and hot combs, may weaken the hair's cuticles, making it more vulnerable to breakage and dropping.
  4. Scalp Infections – Bacterial or fungal infections on the scalp, such as boils or ringworm, can damage the hair roots to the point of scarring, resulting in irreversible hair loss in the affected areas.
  5. Dandruff – Dandruff is a scalp disease caused by a rise in natural oil production, or sebum, on the scalp, which causes fungal infection. Dandruff is characterized by flaky skin and itchiness. Itching causes vigorous scratching, which can cause physical damage to the hair strands. Inflammation from the fungal infection can also weaken the hair roots.
  6. Hair Colours, Bleaching Agents, and Hair Styling Products – Robust chemicals in hair colors, bleaching products, and hair styling products can cause allergic contact dermatitis and damage your hair follicles.
  7. Unhealthy Diet – Consuming a diet deficient in essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, especially iron and vitamin B12, may cause hair roots to weaken over time, resulting in increased hair loss.
  8. Medicine – Such medicines can weaken the hair roots, causing premature hair loss. Anticancer medications, blood thinners (anticoagulants), thyroid treatments, gout medications, antidepressants, and antihypertensive medications are among them.
  9. Environmental Factors – Pollution can source of oxidative harm to hair strands and follicles and weaken the hair roots by exposing them to dirt, soot, and toxic chemicals. Diffuse hair loss, scalp discomfort, burning sensation, and dandruff can all lead to dry, frizzy, and brittle hair.

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