How Hair Colour Can Damage Your Hair?

17 July, 2020

Hair Colour Can Damage Your Hair

Everyone wants to color their hair at some point in their lives. From the hottest shade of pink to the dark burgundy color, people want to try different styles that they can flaunt to look their best!

But before going ahead with getting your hair dyed, ask yourself this question. Is it worth the damage?

While coloring your hair does seem to be an incredible idea, in reality, its not exactly that great since you have to pay a huge price for it. It is costly to dye your hair but that is not the expense that is being talked about. The price that that is being referred to here is the health of your hair.

Yes, hair color can seriously damage your hair and if you think about the overall damage it does, then it would be better to either drop this idea or choose better (natural) ways of coloring.

What are the health risks associated with dying your hair?

Some hair dyes might contain a few chemicals that could be harmful to your health. If you purchase a branded hair color, you might be able to avoid this. However, some of the inexpensive hair dyes contain harmful chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. It could be a huge cause of concern.

Hydrogen peroxide chemical is generally added in hair dyes due to its bleaching properties. It works by reducing the melanin in your hair, resulting in the color you desire while damaging your hair and health.

Some hair dyes also contain other chemicals like lead, mercury, etc. They may cause respiratory diseases in some people. In some cases, people could be allergic to these chemicals resulting in rashes, irritation, itching, and more.

Can you get sick by using a hair color?

Hair dyes do not generally cause any illness if you use them a single time. However, if you keep using them repetitively then in the longer-term, you might face consequences like getting a respiratory illness, skin diseases, hair damaged beyond repair, and more.

Can you develop cancer through the use of hair dyes?

There is no scientific study that indicates that using a hair dye can increase your chances of developing cancer, however, these dyes do contain chemicals that are associated with a higher risk of cancer.

According to scientific studies, working as a barber or a hairdresser can have a cancerogenic effect over time, however, the hair dyes themselves have not been proved cancerogenic owing to lack of sufficient evidence (cases of cancer caused due to hair color).

Natural methods of coloring your hair

All types of hair coloring agents are known to cause some type of damage to your hair or health one way or the other. However, if you are really into coloring your hair then there are a few natural alternatives for the same. These natural agents will color your hair while also retaining its health and nourishment.

Some of the most well-known natural hair dyeing agents are:


Henna is a plant that is known for its medicinal properties. It can not only dye your hair and give it a nice-looking color, but it also nourishes your hair and makes it healthier.

Coffee beans

Just like tea leaves, you can also use coffee beans for coloring your hair. The method of applying this is the same as the one mentioned for tea leaves.

Tea leaves

Tea leaves have natural coloring agents that give coverage to your hair. You can easily boil the tea leaves and use them while washing your hair. You can repeat the process many times to get the desired look.


Some herbs and flowers like rosemary and marigold have coloring agents in them. Just put the herbs in hot water for around half an hour. Filter the resultant water and apply it on the hair evenly. Do this repeatedly until you get the desired look.

Vegetable Juices

If you want to give your hair a reddish tint, you can use beetroot juice. Using carrot juices, on the other hand, will give your hair an orange tint.

Hair colors without harmful effects

If you want to dye your hair properly without any side effects and you are ready to pay more money for it then you can choose the products of some companies that produce organic hair color. They give better results compared to homemade dyes and have no side effects.

The main motive of this article is to make you aware of the harms that your hair dye can do not only to your hair but also to your health. You can use natural methods or organic hair dyes to color your hair while avoiding these harmful effects as well. It is important to avoid compromising your health and choose natural ways of flaunting your style.


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