Can you get a restoration hair transplant? Is it possible to fix bad hair treatment?

3 Sept, 2020

Can you get a restoration hair transplant

Going through a hair transplant is not news. A lot of people suffer from hair loss, baldness, and other hair conditions, which can cause them to turn to hair treatment or hair transplants. Naturally, no one wants to lose their hair. In such circumstances, knowing new and profound techniques of a hair transplant will be ideal for those who are looking for such treatments. While some people might be going through it for the first time, a lot of people have had hair transplants, and their experience is not appreciative. So, can you fix a bad hair transplant?

Is it possible to get a bad hair transplant fixed?

Technology has taken a turn towards advancements; as such, we can gladly say that if someone has gone through a terrible hair transplant before, then you can get it fixed. The new technology can provide you with more naturally-appealing results, but you need to ensure that when you go for a hair transplant for the second time, then you make a proper research before choosing your doctor. You need to understand that it is essential to choose a doctor with several years of experience in the field, else, there is no guarantee of what you may have to face. Your doctor should have enough expertise to restore your looks.

What is the method of fixing a bad hair transplant?

The method or the incorporation of enhancements depend from one person to another. It focuses on the difficulties that you may have faced and your experiences. In response to your hair problems, the doctor can resize or grafts, get rid of the grafts, and make them look more natural. Some patients may require additional add ons to cover the previously treated areas. Sometimes, some people face the issue of scarring in the donor area. The surgeon can fix it by reducing its appearance or excising them and closing the spaces with sutures for good. The other option would be to use a follicular unit extraction. It can reverse the bad treatment by transplanting some hair follicles to the scarred area. So, we can conclude that the treatment mostly depends on the problems that you may have. You can ask the doctor to explain what went wrong in the previous treatment and how he can fix it. An experienced doctor can assist you immediately.

So which doctor or hospital is the best for you?

As suggested earlier, you should always go for a doctor who is well-trained and experienced. The surgeon should have all the knowledge possible and should specialize in full assessment and consultation of the patient. You need to understand that hair transplant is a trivial task, so you should only allow experienced doctors to put their hands in the work you have assigned to them.

We know that a bad hair transplant can be scarring for life, but when you get an opportunity to correct it, you should go for it. 

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