Get Thicker Hairs Back With Hair Loss Treatment In Delhi

6 July, 2020

Get Thicker Hairs Back With Hair Loss Treatment In Delhi

Hair loss issues have been prevailing in human society since long. Though it applies to females also, it's the male population who has much been affected by it. Too much or drastic hair loss can lower the confidence level as it hampers the looks of a person to a certain extent. Having thick, black and shiny hairs not only makes you look pleasant but also builds confidence in you as you perform daily activities. The reason for hair loss can be many, the most common being age factor. As a person grows old hairs starts falling, becoming lesser in density and dull in appearance. Genetic and hormonal reasons are common ones in the hierarchy. Modern-day technology has brought a simple yet effective solution for such issues. In the article, you will learn about hair loss treatment in delhi and its effectiveness.

What is hair loss treatment?

In simple words, it's a procedure to help you grow your hair back in a good and durable condition. Though the definition seems simple, the whole procedure involves carefully and effectively discovered methods to grow thicker hairs not only on the head but eyebrows also. Different types of hair treatment are applied to people based on their problem.

  • Baldness refers that person is excessively losing hairs and can be permanent or temporary.
  • Certain hair fall problems are treated by home remedies whereas some need treatment like hair transplantation.
  • Temporary solutions for hair fall include covering the head with makeup or accessories like hats but doesn't help in the long run.
  • Before pursuing the treatment it is important to know the cause and one must consult an expert for the same.
  • The symptoms of hair loss can be seen like, patchy areas on the head, thinning of hairs from the front, loosening of hair and more. These are more commonly visible in men than women.
  • Persistent hair loss should indicate a person to make a hair expert visit and understand the cause of the same.

What is hair loss treatment in Delhi?

Dr Akhilesh Singh who has done M.D. from PGIMER prestigious institute of Trichology has successfully carried many hair fall treatments including the FUE HD surgery in India. Due to his extensive work and effective surgeries he has been the speaker in many international and national hair transplant conferences. Hair loss treatment in Delhi is well known due to him and includes categorical treatments like treatment for men and women. The clinic also is known as AKS clinic offers various hair loss treatment and hair transplantation options making it available for every patient with different needs.

Some of the treatments here are

  • The PRP therapy also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy is well known for hair growth stimulation. It works with the natural hair growth factors in the blood and is popular in the field of oral, plastic and cosmetic surgery. It can treat the following.
    • Male hair loss pattern
    • Telogen effluviums
    • Metabolic loss of hairs
    • Iron deficiency hair loss
  • Mesotherapy is another treatment which includes injecting enzymes, vitamins, medicines into the person’s skin. It is safe, painless and popular in the USA and Europe. Dispensing on what proportion of the area to be treated the procedure varies from 15 mins to more.
  • Low-level laser light therapy uses low-level laser light within a wavelength and travels inside the skin of the person. These don't produce any heat and thus are safer for the skin. Genetic hair losses commonly fall under this category of treatment and help the stem cells get stimulated.


The following section helps you know more about hair loss treatment in delhi and its effectiveness.

What is hair transplantation?

It is a procedure by which a person can grow hairs back in his bald area from the roots. The process mainly falls in the cosmetic treatment category.

Do transplantations work?

Hair transplants have become very effective in overtime and are a popular treatment for baldness. It has generated hope for patients with extreme hair loss.

Who performs the treatment?

It varies from clinic to clinic. Most technicians perform the job but doctors and experts are involved in it at DTH which makes it safer for patients.

How much time does it take for the session?

It generally takes 4-8 hours.

Does the treatment come at a cost of activities restriction?

No, all the daily activities can be performed except the heavy ones which also can be resumed after a week.

How long does it take to see the effect?

It takes 8-12 weeks.

Sum up

The hair loss treatment in delhi is hope for all those in the extreme stage of hair loss. All the treatments are painless and do not hamper the daily activities of a person. So if you are the victim, you no more have to be. Consult today and get treated.

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