Post Hair Transplant Procedures

Jan 8, 2021

Post Hair Transplant Procedures

Surgical procedures should be preferred by people who have sought different therapies for their balding hair and have not seen any difference in their condition. Hair transplantation is a procedure that modern science provides to cope with the ever-increasing number of hair loss cases. When it comes to the hair transplant procedures, these are very common now and luckily our country has had the right infrastructure and technologies to perform the treatment properly. However, as simple as the hair treatment might sound, it does come with varied If’ and But’s post the hair transplant procedures, that one must be aware about.

Many of us, however, have several concerns about hair transplant surgery. We hope to explain their questions about the procedure carried out in two ways in this post: FUT and FUE hair transplant.

What are a hair transplant's post-surgical effects?

The patient is given a course of antibiotics after the operation, which is usually three days long. The surgeon also offers medicine to relieve the head swelling. To decrease and disappear over time, both symptoms need the aid of medications. Many clinics have an aftercare kit that, along with the directions, contains all drugs. It also provides a special shampoo that will be ideal for your allergic condition. Following the surgery, you will take the kit home and follow the directions accordingly. After the procedure, you'll have to take off for a week to ensure proper recovery.

When will physical activity begin for the patient?

Since getting the transplant, you would have to miss the gym for at least a month. The activities can prove to be too demanding for you. You will also have to stop swimming for a fortnight. Your freshly grated hair can be affected by the high chlorine levels in the swimming pool. If there are very high chlorine levels in your water, it is best to wait a month before diving in again.

What about my vacation? Will I be able to go soon?

Yeah, after the transplant, you're going to need a break and plenty of rest, but a vacation with caution. Do not think that for hours you will sunbathe or lie on the sand. Freshly grated hair should not be exposed to sunlight or rain for up to 15 days. The patient should not come in contact with the sun by wearing a hat or putting on sunscreen. After the transplant, you will have to take these measures for up to 2 months.

Will people know my secret?

Before the surgery, the treatment involves shaving the head. To give the best results from the procedure, it is finished. This could end up in swelling and redness on the scalp, however. If you do not want the world to know your little secret for at least two weeks, refrain from going out. After that, to mask the tell-tale signs, you should cover your head with a cap.

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