Fun And Interesting Facts About Hair

26 Dec, 2019

Fun And Interesting Facts About Hair - Hair Care Tips

If one thinks they know everything about hair, think again. There are a lot of surprising facts about hair that nobody has probably ever heard of. Check out these fun facts about hair growth and hair in general-

  1. Hair is made out of Keratin
  2. Keratin is the protein that humans find in the outer layer of the skin, fingernails and also in the hooves, claws and feathers of animals.

  3. Hair grows faster in warm weather
  4. The reason behind this theory is scientific. Warmth of the climate instigates better blood circulation and hence stimulates in the hair growth.

  5. Hair is dead part of the body
  6. All the hair that is seen outwardly is dead hair. Only the hair that remains inside the epidermis is living. That is why getting a haircut every once in a while is necessary and recommended by all hair professionals.

  7. Black is the most common hair color
  8. Dark hair colors are the most common type of hair, especially black.

  9. Red hair is the most uncommon hair color
  10. Ever wonder why you don’t see redheads that often? That is because red is the most uncommon natural hair color. Only 1% of the population has red hair naturally.

  11. Hair contains human DNA
  12. Hair contains information that the human blood carries. Scientists reveal that hair strands can detect the human DNA and everything that one has consumed.

  13. Cutting the hair does not ensure faster hair growth
  14. Many are under the myth that getting regular haircuts will increase the growing speed of the hair. This is completely false as there is no scientific theory to prove this fact.

  15. A single hair has a life span of five years
  16. This is another surprising fact about hair. A single strand of hair stays on the head for about five years.

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