What If It Was a Wrong Hair Transplant?

14 Oct, 2020

What If It Was a Wrong Hair Transplant?

There are different explanations why the hair transplant can go wrong; some choose a terrible hair transplant surgeon, poor aftercare, mistaken procedure selection, and so on, but how does it all happen? A hair transplant is a procedure in which a successful hair transplant surgeon removes hair grafts from one side of the scalp and transplants them to the scalp's bald region. If you are also bald and think of getting a hair transplant, or you have already had a hair transplant that has gone wrong. Read this report to see if your hair transplant went wrong.

Inexperienced Hospitals and Surgeons

The first thing that is needed for successful hair transplant results is the surgeon's skills and expertise. To conduct the hair transplantation, the hair transplant surgeon must be well trained and experienced. If it does not happen, it affects the hair transplantation; it is shown in different cases that the patients faced severe problems for the transplanted and the donor region due to the carelessness and less experience.

Wrong Form Collection

There are two hair transplant methods: one is the transplantation of the follicular unit (FUT) and the follicular unit (FUE). Both of these procedures are successful to the degree that the surgeon who performs them must have ample expertise to do so. By evaluating the condition and suitability of the patients' specific technique, the surgeon must determine the best hair transplant procedure, as its bald selection involves scarring and uneven hair growth.

Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of hair transplantation is also a reason for a hair transplant failure; some clinics are available in India that provide hair transplantation at significantly lower rates. But in fact, there is no guarantee of these types of clinics as technicians or novice surgeons perform the surgery given in these clinics, which leads to hair transplant surgery failure.

So if you have already had surgery and are not happy with the outcomes, do not lose hope and consult a right hair transplant; you will be helped by a good surgeon with full qualification and experience to get the best results of your surgery.

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