The Man’s Bun Behind the Tractional Alopecia

Jan 15, 2021

The Man’s Bun Behind the Tractional Alopecia

This is the era of wearing many kinds of hairstyles for people. They not only leave their long hair free, but often, they even wear a ponytail. They are gaining popularity with a folded ponytail or man buns. Now buns amongst the men have seriously become a style statement, as they feel all ‘Cool’ about it. However, there is a catch involved with it, which is that is this hairstyle, causing hair pulling and resulting in traction alopecia? It could be possible.

A style of summer

Although many people gear up by having their hair cut for the long summers, some men prefer not to part with their long mane and wear it high instead to look and feel comfortable. Yeah, the style looks pretty chic, but your hair might not be as fitting. Some might even go a step further, styling it in the middle of their head into a tight bun. We have already told you about traction alopecia. It is a self-inflicted disease.
It is usually caused by hairstyles that pull the hair continuously. Pulling induces even more hairline stress, which in turn causes follicle stress. This kind of styling and tension, if continued, will permanently contribute to hair loss. He will observe that specific other symptoms are noticeable on the forehead if one is vigilant, which points to tremendous stress on the hair follicles. In the field, one can observe redness and itching. In the field, even small pimples can be seen. Expect the hair to come out in patches and cause permanent hair loss if you want to disregard these signals. If you find yourself in such a state, hair loss medication would need to be used. If all other solutions fail to work out, we recommend you try hair transplantation. The final resort for many patients with alopecia is hair transplant surgery.

Alopecia Care

Whatever stage you're in, it's best to avoid doing that hairstyle. So the hairstyle is easier to do away with. Find out the early signs that display your condition. While you will need medication to fix it, it will work in your favour if you do away with the hairstyle.

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The issue used to be prevalent in females, but since they have started using the new hairstyle, it can be seen in males. In its loose bun avatar, they would either have to learn to wear the look or even think about it. It can cost you dearly to choose to disregard the style's damaging results. Please do your best to avoid the case, or it would be tough to face the consequences.
We at AKS Clinic, make sure to educate and guide the individuals about the same. Nobody is saying to get rid of that tight pony or something, but all it is advised is to keep it as loose as possible, so that it does not negatively affect the hair. Or rather, our experts do suggest to get over that hair style for a lifetime, as it can have negative consequences.

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